DAI was incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act of the Northern Territory in 1982.

Membership of the Association is restricted to persons normally residing in the Alligator River Region.

DAI was established in 1982, in connection with the negotiations conducted and agreements executed in relation to the formalisation of approvals for the original Jabiluka Mine in the area. It was necessary for an independent entity to be incorporated to represent the Traditional Owners in the Mine Area, being Kakadu and Western Arnhem Land, who would be affected by the proposed mine. The entity was to function as a vehicle to receive mining royalties or equivalents and other payments on behalf of the local affected Indigenous People, arising from the mining project.

Following opposition at a later date by the Traditional Owners of the area in establishing the Jabiluka Uranium Mine by the Mirarr Clan (who represent 25% of the membership for DAI) the DAI members declined to continue further support for with the mine. Further at the time, due to economic concerns, development of the Jabiluka Mine has to date not continued and according to ERA, is now in long term care and maintenance.

DAI was established with a community development philosophy and is committed to the continued development of Bininj skill levels through employment, training and economic opportunities. DAI provides member services and operates a number of income generating businesses.

From 1988 DAI fulfilled regional responsibilities as the ATSIC approved service provider for the Kakadu Region. In this role it managed a CDEP program, Aged Care and Health Services and oversaw extensive housing and infrastructure development projects.

Throughout this time DAI wavered from its core philosophy of building skills through training and employment due to the vigorous obligation of administering the CDEP and health services.

A number of years ago now Warnbi Aboriginal Corporation was established and DAI transferred Kakadu CDEP and Out Station Resourcing Services to this entity.

Amongst the aforementioned regional responsibilities, DAI has successfully operated a number of tourism and hospitality enterprises.

Lakeview Park is our cornerstone of business development by way of providing employment and training opportunities to our membership.

In 2010, DAI formed a joint venture with Australian Pacific Tours (APT) named Kakadu Culture Tours (KCT). In 2014 DAI purchased KCT from APT including our formerly owned tourism ventures include Guluyambi Boat Cruise, Arnhem Lander and Magela Tours.

DAI also owns and operates the Manbiyarra Border Store, where again future development of this site will provide business and training opportunities.