Our Service Vision

To be a leading tourism authority within Kakadu National Park and Arnhemland regions, we aim to provide outstanding quality products and services, that will be recognised nationally and internationally to provide DAI with sustainable businesses.

Our Service Mission

To drive and support the development and promotion of tourism within Kakadu National Park and Arnhemland regions, efficiently, effectively and transparently, in particular our partnerships with all our stakeholders while ensuring the highest quality standards.

Our Service Values


We will behave in a manner in which each entity, partner and individual is equally valued and heard and is fairly treated.


We will anticipate our customers and entities needs and will engage best practice through continuous improvement methods to maintain a high level of initiative

Excellence with Integrity

We will strive to be a leading tourism provider within our regions, delivering high quality results, applying and sustaining a high level of legal, ethical and moral standards within our work and our behaviours.


We will strive to engage, in leading service delivery standards to all stakeholders whilst fostering and developing visionary leaders.


We value teamwork highly and will strive to support our shared goals, openly cooperate and communicate our knowledge, and share our expertise and information both interlay and externally.


We encourage innovation to provide solutions to help us achieve better and faster results.

Customer Focus

We will offer our products and services with courtesy, respect and dedication while remaining focussed on our customers’ needs.


We will ensure the highest level of transparency in our internal and external interactions by behaving, at all times, with fairness and openness.